Lance King

Associate Pastor (students & more)

Lance was born and raised in SW Louisiana. After he and college sweetheart Michelle graduated from college in 1993 (Lance: B.S. Math Education; Michelle: B.S. Social Work), they were married. The Lord blessed them with two Louisianian daughters, Michaela and McKenzie. In 2001, the family moved to Texas, and eventually God blessed them with two Texan daughters, Kelsey and Karis, who get along well with the Louisianian ones. Lance has served on pastoral staff with churches in Louisiana and Texas, and he loves to preach and teach God's word to 7th-12th grade students (which includes daughter #4) and adults. He also loves to hike with his family in rocky terrains where there is no poison ivy. In 2008, Lance graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and he has been on staff at Dogwood Hills since March 2016.